• Based on a copolymer dispersion, can be diluted with water
  • Open to water vapour diffusion acc. to EN 1504-2
  • UV-stable, weather- and light-resistant due to mineral pigments
  • Colourfast, class B1 acc. to BFS bulletin No. 26
  • Moderately reduced water absorption, class W1 acc. to EN 1062-3
  • Matt, available in three grey, miscible colours
  • Suitable as a concrete cosmetics additive, good water retention capacity
  • Non-flammable, building material class A2-s1; d0 acc. to EN 13501 -1
  • Application by retouching, rolling or spraying


  • For the coloured finish of exposed concrete
  • Suitable for mineral indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • For outdoor exposed surfaces acc. to EN 1504-2 principle 1, procedure 1.3 in combination with MC-Color Proof only
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