• Two-component, bitumen-free, green elastomer hybrid waterproofing for buildings
  • Hygienic harmless, therefore able for the application in groundwater contact areas
  • Fast drying and high stability for faster refilling of the pit
  • Highly flexible
  • Crack-bridging up to 2 mm
  • Application by hand
  • Solvent-free and eco-friendly
  • High UV-resistance and material compatibility


  • Waterproofing of building structures in accordance with DIN 18533, W1-E sowie W4-E- For waterproofing of vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces underneath protective layers
  • Suitable for basements as splash water protection
  • Suitable for retro-fitted waterproofing during repair measures
  • New buildings and refurbishment of waterproofings (e.g. old polymer-modified bituminous thick coating, mineral surfaces)
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