• Cement-bounded, polymer-modified, one-component, tricalcium aluminate-free binding agent (C3A-free)
  • Impermeable to water, resistant to freeze and de-icing salt attacks
  • Can withstand heavy mechanical loads, highly abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to very severe sulphate attacks
  • Early resistance to water compact
  • Suitable as coating system in public sewerage systems, durable down to pH ≥ 3.5: resistant to impacts concrete is exposed in exposition class XA3 according to EN 206
  • Class R3 according to EN 1504-3 (structutal relevant )
  • General building supervision approval


  • Coating of concrete and masonry manholes, sewers as well as reservoirs
  • Re-profiling of breakouts and defects in manholes, sewers as well as reservoirs
  • Surface levelling in masonry manholes
  • Forming of fillets
  • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: periodical inhalation, application, long-term water contact
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