• Ready-to-use water-based polymer dispersion
  • High level of evaporation protection
  • Strong barrier effect
  • Facilitates optimum hydration progress in the concrete layer close to the surface
  • Minimises the occurrence of early shrinkage cracks
  • Decreases the rate of carbonation
  • Overcoatable with standard commercial single-component coatings
  • Dries rapidly
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Film-forming
  • Does not weather
  • Can be applied by spraying, rolling or brushing
  • Certified to TL NBM-StB 09, Type BE


  • Curing of freshly demoulded concrete according to German code TL NBM-StB 09, Type BE
  • Concrete curing for general concrete constructions, e.g. concrete slabs, walls and columns
  • Concrete curing for non-trafficable surfaces without grip requirements
  • For immediate application on the freshly demoulded concrete
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