Hard-wearing industrial floor

Orastie - Romanian

The hall floor in the warehouse and distribution area had been subjected to heavy wear and tear in the past, due in particular to attrition from forklift truck operations. Orastie Philips therefore wanted a long-term, resilient repair solution – and one that could be implemented quickly.
So it had a number of test surfaces prepared by various suppliers. The applicator KASE PROFESSIONAL laid a sample area using an industrial floor system from MC, and it was this that ultimately came out on top against specimen coatings from other providers. Although the MC-DUR system was not the cheapest option, it was found to be technically and qualitatively superior and was applied to rehabilitate the floor, covering a total area of 8,000 square metres.
Floor coating build-up – fast and reliable

A particular challenge imposed by Philips Orastie emanated from the need to minimise production downtime. The overall project was therefore divided into four phases, implemented by KASE PROFESSIONAL between 25 June and 30 December 2015 in shifts of up to 16 hours per session. To speed up the floor repair process, the substrate preparation phase was followed by application of MC-DUR rapid primer. Thanks to its fast-setting capability – even at low temperatures down to 2° C – the surface can be overcoated after just 12 hours following application. 

Philips Orastie SRL
Philips Orastie SRL
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The primer was followed by the scratch and blowhole filler comprising a mixture of low-viscous, highly fillable epoxy resin MC-DUR 1390 VK and quartz sand. The floor was then provided with the resistant epoxy resin coating MC-DUR 1212 VB offering a convincing combination of high anti-abrasion values and good chemical resistance. Such properties make MC-DUR 1212 VB the ideal coating for industrial storage and production facilities. And to provide this MC-grey surface coating with an appealing appearance, M3 decorative chips were embedded into it.
The floor was then finished with a transparent, matt coating in the form of MC-DUR 2095 M, a speciality polyurethane sealant that exhibits very good adhesion combined with high surface hardness. Open to diffusion, the sealant offers outstanding cleanability and will, in future, significantly reduce the cost of cleaning the hall floors.The MC-DUR system was not only able to meet the specifications of the client Philips Orastie, it also met the high demands and strict group guidelines of the parent company in every respect.

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